I had a pair of diamond earrings that my late husband had given to me. Each one had 5 diamonds, graduating in size. Because I rarely wore them, I wondered if there was something different I could do with them. I met with Bruce and I decided on a ring. In a few days I received 5 different designs, and I really liked all of them. Bruce spent a great amount of time making sure he was understanding and meeting my needs. I will definitely use Bruce again. I love my ring.
-Sandy Nicholson

Bruce is a joy to work with from start to finish. He took all my jumbled words and ideas and created a beautiful, remarkable that I enjoy wearing every day!
-Pam Christoffers

I had my wedding ring for 18 years and one night when talking to my daughter, she realized I was missing the middle stone in my ring! I was heartbroken! In tears, I called my mom and dad to tell them about it (and later my husband) and my mom reassured me she had a stone that “might” fit my ring in her safe deposit box. Apparently, one night on my grandparents farm, my grandfather had bought some loose stones years and years ago from a travelling salesman.

We travelled to my parents house in Lincoln, Nebraska, one weekend. My dad had gone through the safe deposit box, found two stones and told us to find a jeweler to fit the larger stone to my ring.

As the weeks passed, life got busy with our family and I had put my ring on the back-burner.

I was so excited to find out my husband had taken my ring and the stone to you to have the stone fit. You reviewed the stone, and fit it into the setting I had, but first, I needed to be refitted. As it turned out, for the past 18 years, my ring was always a little too big! you reviewed the stone and found it to be a wonderful and clear diamond – all to my excitement!

In about a week, you had the ring completed. It fit, it was shiny and absolutely beautiful.

I will always wear this ring and for this, I thank you so much. You made something so heartbreaking into something so beautiful. Not only have I had the same ring that my husband and I made our vows with 20 years ago, but I now have the stone that my grandfather bought years and years ago in the same setting. Something very special to me!

Thanks so much – I’m glad you sent this email – I probably never got to tell you the story!

-Stacie Behrens

Bruce Owen cares…what more would you want to say about the the jeweler who quickly becomes your friend? Bruce cares about your ideas, he spends incredible amounts of time discussing design possibilities. He creates your pieces of jewelry in a timely manner. The finished product is even better than you imagined. It will be your lucky day when you work with Bruce!

-Jim and Alyce Mooradian

I have had the pleasure to work with Bruce Owens on several fine pieces of diamond jewelry. He always provides superb quality (both workmanship and diamond selections). Always a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him for your special jewelry needs.

-Mike Kemery

Kyle and I LOVE our custom rings. Every time we meet someone new, we end up talking about our rings at some point and who made them. We tell them about our story and how I’m so glad Kyle reconnected with you. It means a lot to me that you could make his ring after everything that happened prior to that. You have great customer service. You kept me updated throughout the whole process. You were also very kind and friendly. I will always recommend you and your business. Thanks Bruce!!

-Jenna Mathes

“I’ve worked with Bruce on a couple of custom pieces for my wife, and I cannot praise him and his team enough. Everything from design consultation to execution is superb and accordingly, I refer all of my friends and family to Bruce. If you’re in the market for a unique piece, you owe it to yourself to talk with Bruce first.”

-Colby Spann

Bruce is the best! He designed a pair of loop diamond earrings for my wife and she loves them! What separates Bruce from his competition is his incredible design capabilities. He does a great job of listening and understanding what you are looking for is a piece, and designs it to perfection. If you looking for a jeweler who has the ability to take a idea and build it into a beautiful piece of art, Bruce is your guy!

-Mark Craiger

When my husband and I got engaged, Bruce worked with us to find a piece that suited our personalities. We now have a beautiful, unique piece of jewelry that I love as much today as the day I received it over 6 years ago. I’m constantly getting comments from strangers about how beautiful my wedding ring is! Bruce’s love and enthusiasm for the artistry of jewelry really shines through the quality and beauty of the pieces he creates.

-Savanna Brauer

Bruce created a beautiful two-tone gold cross using the gold from our mother’s wedding rings–also positioned in the cross are some of the diamonds from those rings. It’s a beautiful piece which attracts many compliments–best of all, it reminds us of Love–Our Savior’s and our mothers!!!! Thanks Bruce!!

-Jeff and Dotti Stanley

“Bruce has designed several pieces of jewelry for me…bracelet, mother’s ring & necklace and a ‘new’ wedding ring. One of my most treasured pieces is a necklace he created out of pearls from my grandmother’s string of pearls for my mom, myself & sisters. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for top quality & unique pieces like the ones Bruce creates. Four generations of my family has jewelry designed by him! I absolutely love every piece of jewelry that has been purchased from or created by Bruce!”

-Sally Embree

I am very pleased to say Bruce designed my wedding ring set back in 2010. The set was given to me by a very special lady and I had the set since 1989. He did a beautiful job on the design and over all he was very helpful and was very interested in the design that I wanted. Also in 2014 I came to him very sick hearted because I had an heirloom platinum ring also given to me and I dropped the ring and it was run over by a car. Thinking it was totally ruined he completely redesigned the ring back to what the ring originally looked like. I would recommend Bruce to anyone who is interested in a quality diamond designer or for any jewelry design for he does an excellent job and as a customer my being happy with his design was top priority for him. Thank you Bruce!

-Don and Janice Pevestorf

Having been Bruce’s first grade teacher I have known him for most of his life. He has always been amazingly creative and at the same time very sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. The combination has served him brilliantly; as the many beautiful pieces he has designed for me reflect. His travels and connections to the gem dealers of Africa, and those around the world, have given him added experience and opportunities. You will always feel valued working with Bruce.

-Sue Walker

Bruce treated us like family! He helped us to pick gems and design the perfect, one-of-a-kind ring.

-Pat & Jen

A big thanks to Bruce for helping my husband and I design my new wedding ring to commemorate our 20 years together. Patiently and professionally, Bruce came up with ideas that would incorporate our old ring into a newly created design that we could view on his specialized computer program. The finished product was a big “Wow”! We get so many compliments on the new ring design and we confidently send them to Bruce! We highly recommend Bruce Owen Jewelry & Design to anyone who wants something uniquely their own.

-Jim and Julie Thrasher

Bruce took a piece of outdated jewelry and transformed it into a gorgeous piece that I can wear daily. No longer sitting in my jewelry box, unworn. He does amazing work and I plan to take other pieces in to see what metamorphose he can do with those as well.

-Deb Hollobaugh

I still love the design we came up with and I still get many compliments on it. From the first time we met when you took the time to explain about diamonds, helping me pick out the diamond for my ring and designing it with diamonds I had brought you were so knowledgeable about what design would look great on my finger. Thank you!

-Carolyn Bailey

Bruce designed a unique lifetime keepsake ring for me, using gems I had of my mother’s and my own. He also utilized old gold I had saved, in making this one of a kind ring, which even lowered the price. The computer rendering helped me see what options I had and allowed me to select what I really wanted. I get compliments all the time on my ring, but most of all it is a family heirloom treasure. Because of his great talent, we had Bruce design the engagement ring my son purchased for his fiancé. We will definitely return the next time we want a special jewelry piece.

-Judi Lodden

After going to so many jewelry stores and just seeing the basic rings (even Tiffany’s) that all my girlfriends had, I wanted something different. Like every couple getting engaged I felt our love was special and wanted to be able to express how special my husband makes me feel. I saw a little here and there that I liked but nothing was enough. We met with Bruce and he made having a custom ring seem within reach! I gave him some ideas of what I was looking for and he gave us some excellent input. We came back a couple weeks later and with one look I knew it was the ring I dreamt of. I knew right there it was a piece of my personality, bloomed of our love for each other, and would be a timeless piece to represent out love forever! Thanks Bruce!


Bruce Owen has created several beautiful pieces for our family, each unique and very special to us. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

-Michael and Dawn Wagner

Bruce had our trust from the beginning as he had created pieces for friends. He designed a ring which symbolizes our engagement and 25th Wedding anniversary all in one. My husband felt very confident as Bruce explained the process of deciding on a stone and design. My ring gets noticed for it’s unique setting. He is attentive to prong checks, cleaning and making it look new each time I pick it up! Thanks Bruce, love it each day that I look at it!!

-Terri Goover

8 years ago my husband Harold purchased my wedding ring from Bruce. It was beautiful when we went to get the wedding band we picked out a straight band with diamonds across the top, when we picked it up Bruce had added diamonds down the side because he thought it looked better and it did he has such a good eye he was right (not sure if you remember that). In November 2014 my husband passed away from thyroid cancer. I brought in his wedding band to make it into a family ring that I could wear. Bruce did an amazing job it is perfect. Like Bruce said jewelry should tell a story and mine definitely does.

-Lori Woodward

Bruce has re-purposed several items for me from rings, bracelets and necklaces. He designed a new wedding diamond ring that was a challenge but in time, it was perfect! I get allot of comments “what a beautiful ring”! There is no challenge to a design that Bruce cannot do.

-Pat Gutshall

Bruce has helped take what’s in my head and make it into reality with his custom work. I have referred other family and friends to him and they loved working with him. Overall all I felt I received more without paying more. Thank You to Bruce and his staff.


I started shopping for an engagement ring with zero knowledge of diamonds, and quickly became discouraged by what I was finding. I was referred to Bruce by a friend, and quickly setup a meeting. Bruce took the time to educate me on diamonds, metals, and styles. Bruce was so patient with me in designing the ring, and did countless designs, and changes. In the end, the ring turned out to be exactly what I wanted, and I can’t imaging ever buying jewelry anywhere else. Bruce is now working with my fiancée in designing her wedding band. Thank you Bruce.

-Chas Pope

By far the best jewelry ever made! No need to ever go anywhere else, any other questions?

-James Stonehocker

Thank you Bruce! 19 years strong.

-Julie Lynch

My husband bought a bigger stone for our 20th Anniversary. Then, Bruce took all of our stones from our original wedding set and added diamond earrings that where sitting in a box not being used, created a beautiful ring. I don’t where a lot of jewelry but staple pieces that came from Bruce.

-LaVonne Ehrich Kimmes

Both of my rings are from here ( first one 15 years ago), wouldn’t go anywhere else. Beautiful work!

-Nan Lohmann

Bruce is the best! He “recreated” my wedding rings and they are glorious looking! It’s been several years and I still love as much as the day I picked them up. He also helped design and make our anniversary rings which have our wedding anniversary in Roman Numerals, a very special piece.

-Joy Eisele Frederiksen

We have brought a few pieces in to Bruce to update/modify and I have never met anyone in the jewelry business with as much skill and passion as Bruce. My wife loves his ideas and he has helped her be a happy wife for me.

-Mike Mazza

Bruce has the ability to marry his design with the raw concepts of his customer to bring a truly unique piece to life, extraordinary artist and lasting craftsmanship!

-Shelly Doty